Ceramic Coating Singapore

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What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating Singapore is our revolutionary process that forms an extra protective layer on the exterior of your car. Ceramic coating is a transparent and invisible layer. It works on a microscopic level as it is made of nanoparticles and provides resistance against anything that can damage your car’s paint.

Ceramic coating car gets resistant against dust, dirt, scratches, UV radiations, water, and any other hazardous material.

Moreover, it also acts as ceramic paint protection and preserves your car’s look for years, and it saves the paint and enables it to retain its shine and luster. Ceramic coating is much more durable and resistive than the regular paint of your car, and you can get relief from worrying about your car’s exterior for a long time if you get the coating.

But for it to work the best and perform to the maximum of its potential, you will not only require the best quality of ceramic coating material, but you will also require to have an expert perform the procedure on your car.

The experts at Dr. Shield are all formally trained to treat each car with the care required for the ceramic coating to work perfectly on it. Moreover, they are experienced enough to devise solutions that give you the best out of the deal, i.e., ideal coating, durability, and excellent protection.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, a ceramic car coating is an expert’s job and requires a certain skill set to perform it well. At Dr. Shield, we have a streamlined process to provide you with the best ceramic coating in Singapore.

Our process works in multiple steps and makes sure that your car gets ceramic paint protection that is up to the high standards of services at Dr. Shield.

Here is how a typical ceramic coating process looks like at our facility:


As you bring your car to our facility, our experts will start with washing your car. But it will not be a regular car wash, and it will be performed using the most suitable materials for your car paint with a technique that only the most seasoned professionals in the industry know.
We use high-quality material and equipment for car washing. For example, the water we use will be set at a specific temperature suitable for your car’s paint and parts. We also use suitable PH level of car shampoo so that it does not harm your paint.
Next, we use premium quality car wash material that is gentle on the paint but cleans thoroughly. The wash mitts we use are made up of the finest wool to cleanse your car’s surface gently.


After cleaning, we clean and dry your car. At this step, our experts microscopically ensure that there is no external material left on the surface. The drying process involves a risk of leaving water streaks on the surface, which makes it a time and technique sensitive procedure.


After we have dried the surface and ensured that there is no external material or streaks, we apply our special polish on the surface. The polish smoothens the surface, giving it a fresh look while making the colors deep and vibrant. It is essential as it will be the color your car will retain under the ceramic paint protection.


After your car is ready and has its best look, our experts start preparing it for ceramic coating Singapore.
This step involves using a controlled environment with no chances of external interference, such as dust particles from air or dirt from the wind.
After that, we prepare car ceramic coating material. We use the highest quality material with the best results. The material is naturally in the form of a thin liquid, which is applied using special designed applicators.
After the ceramic coating is done, it requires up to 1 hour to settle in before the car is ready to go, curing process takes 2~3 weeks depending on environment conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Why Should You Get Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating has more benefits than what meets the eye. If you get ceramic coating from Dr. Shield, you can get the following benefits:


As ceramic coating will become the most external layer of your car, it will act as a shield between your car’s original paint and the environment.


When it sets, the ceramic coating turns into a lustrous material that reflects like a mirror. With coating, your car will look prettier than it ever was.
Ceramic Car Coating will also highlight your car’s paint, making the cuts more prominent and colors deeper. It will help your car look new for longer.


When you decide to sell your car or replace it with another one, you will get a higher value for it as your vehicle will be scratch less and have a fresh look because of ceramic paint protection. It will also show that your car is well-maintained and that you drove it with care and love.
It will be a great way to get some brownie points.


Ceramic coating car is an excellent one-time investment, and you will be doing your future self a favor by getting it.
With ceramic coating Singapore, your car will be much easier to clean and will not require regular washes. You will eventually be saving more than what you would have spent.

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