Car Grooming Singapore

Car Grooming Singapore

Car grooming and car polishing services are the next levels to a regular car wash with manifold benefits. It involves working on the looks and appearance of your car to make it new-like rather than just cleaning the surface.

The results of this can add immense details to the exterior of your car with a thorough cleaning of the interior so that it does look not only new but also feel new.

It involves using expert techniques, high quality, and special material to restore the look of your car and preserve it for a long time.

Dr. Shield has been providing this service for years now and has serviced thousands of cars throughout this period. We take pride in being a service provider that has enabled people to get the joy of riding a new car every time they have used our car detailing services.

What Does Car Polishing Include?

We do car polishing and car grooming at various levels depending upon what you need.

The service starts with a deep washing of the car. It includes washing the external surface, claying of exterior to remove invisible contaminants, removing the internal parts like seats and carpets, and washing them.

It goes on to cleaning your car from any dust, dirt, stain, spillovers, etc.

We use high-tech equipment for this part, such as a high-pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, extractor etc.

After the car is totally clean and has attained its natural look, we start with the grooming and polishing.

Here is what a typical procedure include at Dr. Shield:


For the interior, the first step is removing the parts and washing while making sure that no water or washing material gets into any sensitive equipment.
The next part is to dry all the parts. It requires even more precision to get this part right as we have to make sure that nothing gets dirty again and everything gets perfectly dried up after cleaning.
After that, we move towards high-end procedures like removing odors from the car and leaving it fresh like a new car when we are done.


The exterior of the car includes grooming and polishing of the external parts of the vehicle only.
We perform this part in multiple steps by applying different layers of polishing material. The procedure requires extreme sophistication as you have to be sensitive about using the material and the time you give it on the surface.
It also requires an expert technique to handle each material as each material is a high-grade chemical, and one cannot be careless with it.

The Results of Car Grooming:

Once we are done with the car grooming and car polishing procedures, here is what you can expect as a result:


The paint of your car will show you the most visible results. You will be able to see the details that you will know existed before. Each cut and edge of the car will be prominently visible.
The color of the paint will become much more lustrous and deeper. The car will have a sparky shine which will reflect the lights as you see on car launches.


The effect of polishing will show on the window panes as well. The glass will be as clear as crystal with no scratches. The light will pass through the hit without any dispersion, providing a sharp and clear view.
Moreover, the shine will be so captivating that you want to use the panes as a mirror.


Mirrors and headlights are the most prone parts to scratches and dulling. But with our car polishing and car grooming services, you will go back with crystal clear mirrors and headlights.
You will be able to see a sharp reflection in the mirrors, and your headlight beam will be as intense as it can be.


You might not be expecting this, but we will also include the rims and exhaust of your car in our detailing service. We will groom and polish them to preserve their look while highlighting their contrasts and enhancing their look.

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