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What Is Car Detailing Service

Car detailing is an advanced procedure for rejuvenating a car’s looks. It involves both the interior and exterior of the car and is aimed at refreshing the look and preserving it for a more extended period.

It is fairly different, more complex, and advanced than a simple car wash, grooming, and polishing. It involves much more detail and brings the best out of the car in terms of its appearance.

Another highlight of this service is that it takes care of any scratches, marks, and patches that might be on your car’s surface. Dr. Shield provides professional car detailing service that can make your car as stunning as your brand new.

Our Process

The process begins as a regular car wash and polishing, but it involves much more steps as it proceeds.


The car is thoroughly washed using expert techniques and high-quality washing agents. We ensure that no dust or dirt particles, debris, or any environmental element is present on the surface as it will be locked in after detailing.


After drying the car, we use our premium quality polishing products to get your vehicle to the best of its look. The polish gives your car a new shine while adding depths to its colors.
It will be the look that we will enhance and preserve with our car detailing services.


After your car has achieved its best look, the car detailing process will start. As it involves both interior and exterior of the vehicle, we will take each one separately.


Following steps are included in a typical exterior detailing the process


After manually cleaning the surface of the car, we use a clay bar for excessive cleaning. It ensures no dust or dirt left on the surface and enhances the car’s features, making the cuts and edge more prominent.


After the car is clean of any environmental agents, we use special cleaning products on the surface to remove any leftover or residual cleaning products. It dissolves all the material present on the surface and removes it.


Once the surface is ready, we examine it for past hazards, including patches, scratches, or marks. We use a high-tech and intense LED light designed for such inspections, ensuring that we catch even the minutest problems.


After marking the problems, we start fixing them through paint corrections. Depending on the part, situation and requirements, we use appropriate buffer pads and materials for corrections, making sure the car’s paint is perfect before we perform car detailing.


In this step, we use special polishes that help restore the lost condition of the car’s exterior. It adds shine and depth to the surface while making the colors more vibrant and sharp.


Once your car is detailed and has achieved the best potential look, we preserve it by applying a sealant on the surface. The sealant locks the look and preserves it from environmental threats.

Other Parts

After we are done with the major parts of your car, such as doors and roofs, next are the wheels, rims, exhausts, and mirrors. These parts are separately cleaned, restored, polished, and preserved as they all use a different material than the rest of your car.


After passing through the above steps, the exterior of your car is thoroughly detailed. Next is to perform interior car detailing.


Cleaning the interior of a car is much more challenging than cleaning the exterior as it has several components made up of different materials, unlike the exterior, which has mostly the same material.

First, we vacuum the clean to remove any particles in the nooks and corners or under the seats.
For cleaning, we go by treating each part separately. The front panel, including the dashboard, console, and air vents,
are cleaned with specialized tools and materials.

For seats, we use the appropriate material and cleaning techniques depending upon the material of the seat.

Windows and mirrors are cleaned separately using the appropriate technique and material for them.
We also focus on removing any stains and odors from the interior of your car, ensuring that it looks new and smells fresh.
In the end, we cleaned door panels and installed freshly washed carpets and floor mats.

Once everything is clean, we dry each part using special techniques that aid us in further car detailing.

Why Should You Get Car Detailing?


Your car is not just a ride; it is a statement about you. Make sure you leave an impression on it. Our car detailing service can give your car a head-turning appeal as it will shine like a mirror while the colors catch attention and stand out. It will also look neat and clean and will add value to your personality.


While your car’s exterior impresses other people, your car’s interior will make you proud. You can imagine the terrible driving experience you can have if your car smells bad or has unpleasant stains. With our car detailing services in Singapore, your car’s interior will be comfortable and allow you to enjoy the drive.


Besides looks and comfort, you will also be able to preserve the value of your car. Your car will look neat for a longer time, and you will be able to get a good resale value for it. Car detailing is the safest investment to keep your car from monetary depreciation.

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