German products have an outstanding reputation throughout the world for their high quality standards. Made in Germany has become a seal for reliability, durability, and energetic innovation for decades.

At Dr Shield, we use the best products from Germany for these reasons. All our products are tested & certified by reliable labs.

Our nano ceramic coatings have excellent weatherability, UV resistance, hardness, water repellency and abrasion resistance, with longer life times. We guarantee high-gloss finish with super hardness and silky touch to all vehicles coated with our top quality products, leaving them with a radiant finish all the time.

Our products have practically proven to provide high gloss and protection with the durability of many years if used right. They contain highly effective chemicals to offer strong resistance against UV radiations with hydrophobic properties that act as a shield between the surface and the environment and prevent harm.

At Dr. Shield, we use the most superior quality products for our cleaning and polishing procedures, such as Onyx, the leading cleaning and detailing products manufacturers.

It is also the first certified brand to have launched N1 nano-coating material.

Other notable products include Graphene and Quartz.

Onyx products are equally effective in cleaning various surfaces such as plastic, glass, leather, vinyl, and metal. It provides the same top-class performance with its polishing and preservation products.

For luxury car owners ONYX Coating is the brand that provides unsurpassed car care and superior protection because ONYX guarantees the quality of its products.

In addition to its exterior, here’s why it’s equally important to keep your car’s interior clean

For most car owners, the priority is always to keep the car exterior clean. At Dr Shield, we can’t stress enough how equally important it is for car interiors to be kept clean & hygienic for its overall well being. With our professional car detailing services, you will be able to restore your car to optimum condition so that it feels brand new when you’re in.

Avoid Deterioration:

When you do not take care of your car and get regular maintenance done, you are not only allowing it to deteriorate physically and monetarily; you are also risking it for wear and tear.

The dust, dirt, and debris can gradually damage the interior of your car, leading to severe problems.

We can help you avoid such a situation with our professional car cleaning services.

Hygiene Problems:

A dirty car interior is not only prone to wear and tear; it is also the ideal environment for diseases and health hazards.

The settled dust and dirt in your car can lead to bad air quality, which becomes more harmful in the car’s closed environment.

Moreover, the spillovers and leftover food and other material can give rise to bacteria.

Dry Shield’s car cleaning services are effective against visible dust and dirt and save you from health hazards.

Safety Hazard:

A dirty car puts you at a greater risk of road safety hazard as a dirty car will block your vision.

You will not be able to assess the road traffic right if your mirrors are dirty. Your fuzzy head and taillights will make it harder for you to see the road or be seen on the road.

Similarly, the accumulated dust and dirt can jam the essential systems of your car.

Our cleaning services ensure that you are at no such risks with a complete and fully functional car.

Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating


A coating that withstands degradation and retains gloss


Protection against UV rays, tree sap, oxidation, bird droppings & chemicals


Reduce frequency of washing required due to its hydrophobic properties


10H hardness to protect against light scratches on car surface


Last for years with proper maintenance (no need to polish or wax)


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