Car Wash Singapore

Car wash is a regular practice all over the world and has set a standard for itself. As long as a service cleans the car, it qualifies as a car wash, which is far from true.

In reality, a car wash is meant to preserve the look of a car, retain its vibrancy, adds to its shine, and enhance its depth and gloss, in addition to making it thoroughly clean.

But today, car washing service in Singapore become very popular as very few people know what actually goes into making a car lively again.

At Dr. Shield, we have been practicing the highest standards of car washing, ensuring our services provide all the benefits that are bound to come with a car wash.

Along with the traditional benefits, we have also equipped our facility with all the modern equipment and latest practices so that you can enjoy the perks of both worlds with our car washing service.


What Do We Offer?

Here is what we offer at our car wash facility:

Manual Car Wash:

For manual car wash, all the steps are carried out traditionally. But it provides results that more superior to an automatic car wash.

How Does Car Wash Work?

First, the car is washed with only water. The water is sprayed using a high-pressure washer which has the same accuracy as the automatic washing, and it cleans the surface thoroughly.

The advantage it has over the automatic washing is that as it is carried manually, the cleaner can see which parts require more pressure, and he can continue the step in a customized way for more thorough research.

Afterward, the cleaner uses the same material to clean the car as the automatic car wash. He will also use scrubbers, but the difference here will be that he will reach every nuke and corner of your car and make sure that the cleaner is applied thoroughly.

The scrubbing will also be more thorough as he will know which parts need more attention and how long he needs to scrub to get everything super clean.

The drying process uses the same mechanism but is much more accurate and precise as it is normal for the spotless rinse to leave some water streaks. In the case of a manual wash, the risk is minimized to a reasonable degree, and there is little to no possibility of any water streaks or spots.

As the last step, the cleaner will apply hybrid ceramic spray on your car manually and make sure that it passes through all the optimum stages to give the best results.

Finally, you will get a thoroughly clean car with attention paid to every single part. A manual washing does take more time than an automatic washing, but it comes with its benefits, and they are worth the wait.