Car Interior Cleaning Service

Car Interior Cleaning Service

A car interior cleaning service is as essential as a car exterior cleaning service. Many people care about their car’s experience and take it for regular car wash, but they do not pay much attention to the fact that the exterior is for the world while the interior is for them.

Moreover, car interior cleaning service are much more complicated than exterior cleaning as the exterior has a simple, straight, and smooth shape. In contrast, the interior has intricate parts and hidden corners.

Similarly, the equipment and cleaners used for cleaning are special and designed explicitly for the service as opposed to the exterior, which only requires basic equipment.

At Dr. Shield, we provide professional car interior cleaning services using high-tech equipment, premium cleaning products, and specialized techniques. We provide complete interior cleaning making sure it is as good as that of a new car.

Our Process

Here is what goes into our professional car interior cleaning services:


First of all, our cleaners will start with the visual inspection of the car’s interior. They will look for any external material such as coins, pins, wrappers, food crumbs, etc. They will remove these materials manually before beginning the complicated process.


The second step is to remove all the removable parts such as the carpet, mats, etc. The removal can go ahead if the car’s interior is problematic and requires absolute washing of each part.


After visually cleaning the car and removing some parts, there will be enough room to use a vacuum cleaner. Our equipment is specifically designed for the car’s interior and gets the most dust and dirt. We use it to lift off any leftover particles that couldn’t be cleaned manually and puck out settled dust from the accessible parts.



Seats comprise the maximum of a car’s interior and hence take most of the cleaning. Mostly, car seats are made up of leather, vinyl, or cloth, and all these materials require different types of cleaning products and procedures.

Depending on which ones your car have, our experts will carry out the following procedures:

i. Leather:

For leather seats, our experts will apply or spray our special cleaning agent. The agent requires some time to set in before we can start scrubbing with our special microfiber cloth.The scrubbing allows the cleaning agent to penetrate deeper while effectively removing the dust and dirt from the leather. Once we have eliminated all the dirt, we clean the seats thoroughly and leave them to dry.Afterward, we apply a polishing protective agent to give seats a fresh look and resistance against dust and dirt.

ii. Vinyl:

For vinyl seats, we use different cleaning agents. The agents are harsh, and hence the application must be provided with caution to avoid any sensitive parts.Our experts carefully spray or apply the cleaning agent and use the microfiber cloth for cleaning. The procedure requires more precision but takes less time than leather seats.

iii. Cloth:

Washing cloth seats is the most technical as they are more prone to getting dirty, and they can catch stubborn stains and can also hold unpleasant odors. Depending on the problem we face, our experts will use the appropriate material and technique for stain removal and odor removal. We also avoid using liquid materials excessively as cloth seats get damp and are more challenging to dry than vinyl or leather.



The front panel is the part which shows the most effects of car interior cleaning services. So we make sure to put in the maximum effort to get it right as it is also tricky and tight.

i. Dashboard:

The dashboard usually is made up of the same material as the seats or plastic. We use the same material and technique as the seat to clean the dashboard while handling the challenge of not letting the cleaning material get inside the accessories.

ii. Console:

The console is tricky because of all the buttons, and we use specialized tools to reach in and clean all the dirt from it. For the exterior, we use a gentle rub-off cleaning agent that leaves a polished effect.

iii. Air Vents:

For vent, we use special brushes of various sizes and shapes. We use soft bristles coupled with gentle strokes to make sure that we remove all the accumulated material from the vents.

Afterward, we used compressed air to remove anything that was left.



Windows require a special cleaning agent and technique depending upon the material type. It is also tricky if your car has tinted windows or tinting sheets as some cleaning agents can damage them.

We use appropriate material that only cleans the windows making them crystal clear. Moreover, we also pay special attention to leaving no streaks behind.

What Will You Get in a Car Interior Cleaning Service?

After our car cleaning services in Singapore, you will get a fresh-smelling, new-like neat and clean car.

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